Improving swimming technique and freestyle for adults

Schwimmstil-, Tecknikverbesserung und KraulunterrichtI never thought that, at my age, I would learn backstroke. I did, with Herrmann swimming school - fantastic!

Now I’m going to learn freestyle, too.



  • Do you want to improve your swimming technique?
  • Do you want to feel safe in deep water?
  • Do you want to learn to swim on your back?
  • Do you want to learn freestyle (crawl)?



Our reliable swimming teachers will show you how.
You determine the pace of learning.
Only success motivates!


safe: swimming teachers teach in the water
individual: swimming aids can be used as long as necessary
water temperature: 27 degrees
adequate: one session lasts 40 minutes
flexible: possible to start at any time



We look forward to your visit.
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