Baby and Toddler Swimming - fun in the water

BabyschwimmenHi, I'm Nina and these are my parents. We’ve just started going to Marita once a week for baby swimming. It’s great fun, even my parents are thrilled.


Babies from four months to three years old enjoy the warm water together with their parents. They feel secure and gain confidence in water. Playful exercises stimulate the physical, mental and social development of the child.


The focus is always on fun and pleasure in the water. 

We offer appropriate sessions –according to the age and development of the children. 


pleasant: water temperature is 31 degrees 
small groups: three to six babies/toddlers 
adequate: one session lasts 30 minutes 
flexible: possible to start at any time 
Trial session: no charge


We look forward to your visit. 
For more information please contact us