Children’s swimming

KinderschwimmenMy Bambini swimming class is over and I can now try for my seahorse badge (Seepferdchenabzeichen). 

move like a fish in water



Children learn to swim in a group of max. seven children or in private lessons.

Target-oriented lessons in a systematic and structured manner allow your child to achieve a level of success appropriate for his age group.

Your child defines the speed at which he/she learns. Only successful learning is motivating! 

Once your child has achieved his/her sea horse badge (Seepferdchenabzeichen), he/she can move onto the bronze badge (Bronzeabzeichen). 



safe: swimming teachers teach in the water 
individual: flippers and arm bands/water wings can be used as long as necessary 
water temperature: 27 degrees 
adequate: one session lasts 30 minutes 
flexible: possible to start at any time 


We look forward to your visit. 
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